Angels are spiritual beings created by God as servants[] of God for many purposes, especially for His praise, and as messengers (transliterated from Greek as "messenger") to believers[]. Angels appear about 300 times throughout the Bible. Though often seen in the form of men, angels are never portrayed as female in the Bible.




In the building of the Tabernacle, a special kind of angel is depicted in art. This is the "cherub" (plural: cherubim) that is to guard the Ark of the Covenant. It is also mentioned that the cherub guarded the Garden of Eden from Adam and Eve[]. These are portrayed as being in the form of man, but with wings[].


A related angelic being, the Seraph (plural: seraphim), is seen by Isaiah in his vision of the presence of God[]. They are also portrayed to have different faces: one had a lion's, one had an ox's, one had a human's, and one had an eagle's.[] They are also described as having six wings, and having eyes all over, even under their wings. They continually praise God, saying: "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come."[]


Archangels are probably the best known of all Angels. They carry God’s most important messages to humans. They also command God’s ‘armies’ of Angels in the constant battle with the “sons of darkness.”


To Humans

Angels were not created in God's image (as were only humans[]). Angels do not receive the forgiveness from God as did humans but rather were immediately cast into Hell and punished after they sinned[]

To Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is superior to Angels as God never proclaimed Angels as His sons[]. Angels are also to worship Jesus Christ[] and are servants[]. God also never had an Angel sit at his right hand[].